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Philosophy of ITC Prague

Dear friends of tennis, players and tennis fanatics,
we would gladly like to present You our project of the international tennis club. The tennis club ITC Prague has been founded in order to do exchange between the players and trainers from various Clubs. Its objective is to make it possible to exchange the experience between various parts of the World in order to develop tennis. Our main objective is to make as many clubs from different countries as possible co-operate, which will help us to create a broad spectre of international co-operating clubs. The actions, arranged by the ITC Prague are determined for professional, performal and recreational tennis. The objective of the program is not only sport, but also social and cultural development. Through the international meetings of palyers and coaches, we wish to transfer the methods and experiences about tennis, used in different countries of the world. All that should help us to make the training process better and improve also the social atmosphere in the partcipant clubs. The club is not only determined for the professional players, but also performal and recreational players will find their place there. The objective is to meet other cultures and habits from various parts of the world and to help making friendship between players from different countries. Else, it’s the objective to bring into tennis, as individual sports go, some social element.

Reasons, why the clubs should join the ITC Prague Project

  • membership in the club ITC Prague brings to the players the possibility to play at the international level, which would be hard to acquire by any other way
  • each club extends its offer of services through the memberhip in ITC Prague, which makes it then more attractive and brings new members into the club
  • because of the tenniscamps, international tournaments arranged by ITC can the club players acqiure success and can improve themselves, which will be obvious on the results in the player’s game for the club
  • the exchange program of the coaches from different clubs can help with recognition of training methods and experiences, which will help to rise the coach’s professional improvement, thence it follows the improvement of the training process in the club and better results of the club in tournaments
  • the rotation of the arranging clubs of the actions in ITC Prague brings benefit for the clubs
  • tennis clubs ITC Prague can offer to their members 10% discount on the actions of ITC Prague
  • because of the co-operation of ITC Prague with the Matchpoint Company, the clubs ITC Prague can offer to their memebers 10% discount for the tennis equipment Babolat.

Reasons, why the players should join the actions of ITC Prague

  • actions of ITC Prague will be led only by qualified coaches, with lot of experience an so it’s highly probable, that the participation on our actios will improve the individual performance of each player
  • it is one of the main objectives of  ITC Prague to provide the individual training to everyone, considering the player’s condition and level of skills, which means that our actions are determined for all player‘s performances
  • the participation on actions of  ITC Prague will help to improve the personal increase of all players, because they will get to know the habits and culture of other countries
  • because of the participation of players from different coutries, there is a possibility to improve your language skills, too
  • the participation on actions of ITC Prague can help to create relationships between the participants from different countries of the world, which can help them with their personal or professional increase
  • the demand for common training is growing, like the demand for tournaments of equally tallented players from different clubs, as boost for the lack of competition and interactive confrontation of the players inside the club
  • better managing of the critical situations during the tournament, because of the mental training while playing equally skilled players in the training tournaments
  • improvement of the self-confidence in the game of the young players, because of the experience from international tournaments and their improved motivation all over the year by the vision of nomination on another international tournament
  • because of the co-operation of ITC Prague with the Matchpoint Company, the clubs ITC Prague can offer to their memebers 10% discount for the tennis equipment Babolat.
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