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Conditions of the membership in ITC Prague

A member of ITC Pargue can be a tennis club according to the Articles of ITC Prague, right after the drawing up of the contract and the payment of the club fee. At the moment the club fee is 100 €. In the contract between the ITC Prague and each Club there are described the reciprocal rights and duties and the ways of co-operation in detail. In the way described in the contract the clubs are obligated to pay the fees until 31st March of the year. In case the fee would not be paid within the term and in the right amount, the club looses the benefits, that were related to this payment.

Account Nr. IBAN :CZ70 0800 0000 2356 2399 BIC:GIBACZPX

The membership in ITC Prague gets lost:

  • by canceling – in case of the member club‘s own will
  • by expelling – for not fulfilling the essential duties of members or serious misconduct, not compatible with the membership
  • by the conclusion of the club
  • by death of the member
  • by expiring of the term mentioned in the contract or by the conditions mentioned in the contract
  • by the conclusion of ITC Prague
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