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Application form

Application form download is here.

I.Contracting Parties International Tennis Club Prague (In text: ITC Prague), Residence: Mikulova 1572/13 Street, 149 00 Praha 4, Czech Republic, represented by Mr. DEng. Stanislav Pařízek, President of ITC Prague. II. General Remarks

This contract results from the Articles of ITC Prague (Art.I and Art. III..). Based on this, the Party II. can become a collective member of ITC Prague.

III. Subject of Contract

The contract describes the correlation of both sides, which conclude the agreement in order to develop sport, esp. Tennis. This means reciprocal help and co-operation with organising sporting actions, like tennis camps, courses, tournaments, including accomodation and catering of the participants.

IV. Duration

The agreement is concluded for a definite period, at least for one year, or for indefinite period. (cross out unappropriate)

V. Reciprocal rights and duties

The contracting parties, in meaning of this agreement and the relation originated by the definite order, provide sporting actions (see Art. III.) as follows: individual or in co-operation with club by using its facilities (tennis courts and social facilities). Actions are provided by charge or without charge in meaning of reciprocity. Within the fulfiling of the agreement the Party I. provides for the Party II. 10% discount on the actions ITC Prague and on the tennis goods, bought from Party I.

VI. Fees

Annual fee for the collective member is 100 €. The fee has to be paid until 31st March of the year, or at the time of conclusion of the agreement. Collective membership originates with the payment of the fee. Account Nr. IBAN :CZ70 0800 0000 2356 2399 BIC:GIBACZPX

VII. Completion of the agreement

The withdrawal notice period is 3 (three) months, if not negotiated others by both Parties. With the notice to quit the claim on the cancel-fine is not closed. The cancel-fine is defined in the agreement, originated by a definite order.

VIII. Concluding Specification

This agreement is drewn up with free will, serious and comprehensible, not in distress with obviously disadvantageous conditions, wherewith both Parties agree through their signatures.

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